Electronic Document Management

Gateway designs and deploys electronic document management solutions built on the leading information technology platforms. We excel at business process improvement scenarios that demand industry-focused expertise and exceptional information technology skills.

Business Collaboration Solutions

Gateway delivers business collaboration solutions for industries’ most demanding, document-centric applications. Highly qualified consultants and analysts are assigned to every engagement. We leverage an organization’s existing IT investments and rapidly deploy world-class information management solutions.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013

Microsoft SharePoint offers the greatest potential for slashing licensing costs, reducing the third-party technology footprint, and enabling enterprise-wide document management. SharePoint's a foundation that can start small and be scaled up to serve the entire enterprise. By leveraging our SharePoint expertise your organization can rapidly automate business processes and manage all of the associated data, documents and forms.


FACILEX™ is a suite of advanced SharePoint configurations designed by Gateway to automate process safety compliance business processes. Data across all the applications can be aggregated and reported. These modular lifecycle applications can be rapidly installed on a SharePoint 2010 or 2013 farm.

FACILEX™ for Organizational Change

Changes in job responsibilities, loss of key personnel, or even changes in shift hours can lead to serious incidents with potentially severe consequences. An effective approach for implementing and enforcing an Organizational Change Management procedure is to make it electronic. Gateway's FACILEX™ plant compliance suite now includes an Organizational Management of Change solution for the SharePoint platform.

MOC Best Practices Newsletter

Gateway's president, Dr. Rainer Hoff has taken on a personal mission to research the best practices for Management of Change in the OSHA 1910.119 context, and document these results in a series of MOC Best Practices NewslettersMore...
Dr. Hoff’s latest work provides a critical review of the various techniques for managing work-in-process documentation for MOCs and presents specific recommendations on best practices for MOC-WIP document management. Login or Register to access Gateway’s editions of the MOC Best Practices Newsletter.

FACILEX™ for Management of Change

Facilities in the USA that utilize potentially hazardous material and/or processes are required by law to maintain a formal Management of Change “MOC” process. In most facilities MOC has proven to be a costly and inefficient process. One of the most effective ways to improve the MOC process is to make it electronic. More...
Gateway hosts regular webcasts demonstrating how to use SharePoint for Management of Change. Click here to learn more about the webcasts

FACILEX™ for Capital Projects

Capital projects benefit from efficient action item tracking and the means to organize all the supporting documentation and drawings. Because capital projects can generate a great deal of documentation, building the solution on SharePoint’s best in class enterprise content management platform is a key advantage in achieving process efficiency.

FACILEX™ for Incident Investigation

The thorough investigation and analysis of incidents (both actual events and near misses), along with the appropriate follow-up, provides one of the most effective means of improving the safety and reliability of process facilities. More...
Gateway hosts regular webcasts demonstrating how to use SharePoint for Incident Investigation. Click here to learn more about the webcasts