Issue Management

Problems can be identified in a number of ways. Common examples are:

  • Audit findings may suggest a change to equipment or process
  • Incident investigations may reveal problems
  • Capital projects or MOC’s may identify problems
  • Inspections may discover problems
  • Engineering studies may identify how a chemical process would be improved by making certain changes.

API 754 “Process Safety Performance Indicators for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries” has rapidly become the gold standard in the field of process safety indicators, and not just for the petroleum industry.  API 754 identifies Action Item Follow-up as a leading indicator for use in measuring the health of a safety management system.

Using SharePoint for Issue Management

Organizations often maintain “to do” lists for various purposes:

  • Ideas and suggestions, as in a corporate “suggestion box”
  • Follow-up items, which may come from various applications
  • Problems that people have discovered, but for which a solution isn’t yet known
  • Ideas for changes, which might become an MOC in the future.

The challenge faced by safety professionals is to implement a process to identify, consolidate and track the issues and critical action items generated from multiple applications.  To automate the problem identification process, an out of the box solution to consider is the Issue Management FACILEX® application.

FACILEX® Issue Management

Gateway Group has applied its extensive business process expertise in the chemical, oil and gas and refining industries to configure SharePoint for Issue Management. Gateway’s FACILEX® solution allows the tracking and management of all action items related to the issue, whether they were generated by:

  • MOCs,
  • Incident Investigations,
  • Audits,
  • PHAs,
  • PSSRs,
  • Capital Projects or
  • Ad hoc action items

The configuration of SharePoint to carry out a phased process is a unique feature of Gateway’s solution. All of the tasks are generated, assigned and tracked throughout the Issue lifecycle.

SharePoint’s best in class document management platform enables easy integration with advanced reporting tools and secure, enterprise-wide access to these records, thereby enhancing corporate knowledge and safety. FACILEX® applications can be easily accessed through the web browser on a computer, tablet or smart phone. Users gain a consistent user interface across all the applications that are deployed. Suite licensees can monitor action item and issue status across all applications.