Capital Projects

Gateway provides the expertise to manage the extensive amount of technical information associated with a major capital project. The challenge for large capital projects is to prevent the loss of valuable design and as-built information provided during the life of the project. This is a challenging data management problem that should be on every project managers radar. Gateway has configured SharePoint to:

  • Provide an electronic repository for all sources of plant documentation, especially capital project deliverables
  • Automatically load large batches of documents, just as they are delivered from your contractors
  • Migrate existing archives of data from obsolete systems

FACILEX®  Project

FACILEX® Project is a configuration of SharePoint designed to rapidly model a company’s capital project process. Capital projects benefit from efficient action item tracking and the means to organize all the supporting documentation and drawings.  Because capital projects can generate a great deal of documentation, building the solution on SharePoint’s best in class enterprise content management platform is a key advantage in achieving process improvements across small and large enterprise sites.

Capital Project Lifecycle:

Many companies have improved their ability to manage capital projects by instituting formal methodologies. Often, these methodologies are based on a phased business process as illustrated in the Capital Projects Lifecycle below.Furthermore the capital project methodologies tend to have dozens of forms, templates and engineering aids. Keeping all the action items and documentation organized has proven to be quite difficult.

Key functionality includes:

  • Ability to configure the project lifecycle to match the project management methodology
  • Management of all the in-process documentation
  • Ability to configure multiple lifecycles to accommodate everything from very small projects, to very large projects
  • Links to other FACILEX® objects, like MOCs
  • Action item tracking
  • Utilize existing forms and templates

SharePoint can readily display technical content in  several different views to accommodate the needs of engineering, construction and operations.

Status tracking often involves trending data. SharePoint has excellent ways to pull data from your accounting system for high level reporting.