Corrective Action Request

Corrective Action Requests are used in certain industries to correct actual deficiencies or anticipate potential deficiencies. CARs tend to be quality or product-focused. Corrective actions can come from the following causes:

  • Customer complaints
  • Internal complaints
  • Vendor/supplier deficiencies
  • Corporate directives

Resolving customer and supplier issues has a high priority in most organizations. It is a recognized best practice for an organization to record and track the resolution of customer and supplier issues. When an issue arises that must be resolved, the path forward is usually different depending on the nature of the issue. Using an electronic document management system such as SharePoint to manage this business process makes a great deal of sense.

Using SharePoint for Corrective Action

Gateway has applied its extensive business process expertise in the energy and life sciences sectors to configure SharePoint to manage Corrective Action Requests. By leveraging our SharePoint expertise, Gateway can rapidly implement an existing CAR procedure and manage all of the associated analytical data, documents and forms.


Gateway’s FACILEX® CAR is a preconfigured SharePoint application able to accommodate small, single sites or large, enterprise systems. All of the tasks necessary to conduct a thorough CAR process are generated, assigned and tracked throughout the lifecycle.

The configuration of SharePoint to carry out a lifecycle process is a unique feature of Gateway’s solution. The lifecycle approach affords far more flexibility and speed than a workflow tool could ever hope to accomplish. SharePoint’s best in class document management platform enables secure, enterprise-wide access to the CAR records, thereby enhancing corporate knowledge, customer service and safety.

Key functionality includes:

  • Very simple CAR reports as well as large, detailed CAR investigations
  • Determination of root causes, and perhaps “lessons learned”
  • Escalation to the proper approval level depending on the severity of the problem