FACILEX® is a suite of advanced Microsoft 365 applications developed by Gateway for integrated process safety management compliance initiatives such as:

Decades of process safety expertise and process refinements have been designed into FACILEX®. Each application delivers an “out-of-the-box” business process based on industry standards, guidelines and recommended practices.

The applications in the current suite include:

There is absolutely no programming involved. The business process can be managed by the business process stakeholders. A FACILEX® administrator, with a few days of training, can configure a company’s users, assets, procedures, forms, templates, etc.  This significantly reduces the cost of ownership and burden usually placed on scarce IT resources.

FACILEX® is built entirely on Microsoft 365, eliminating the need for additional, costly platform subscriptions. SharePoint is used exclusively for all aspects of electronic document management, the user interface, and audit trails. Typically, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Teams are also used seamlessly within the applications to conduct the business processes.

Security and access control leverage your existing Active Directory. Enhanced data analysis and graphical reporting options include Microsoft Power BI and Excel or third party products such as Tableau.  FACILEX® solutions can leverage Microsoft’s global data center architecture, best-in-class data center security, and performance tuning providing ultra-low latency response and in-country data storage.

These user-friendly applications promote the adoption and enforcement of policies & procedures, thereby enhancing safety, performance, and regulatory compliance. Data across all the applications can be aggregated and reported. Easily initiate any FACILEX® process from a smartphone or tablet with the mobile app.