Glossary of Terms

Electronic Document Management:

Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems are computer programs configured specifically for the management of electronic documents. Electronic documents include a wide range of file formats including: word processing, spreadsheets, pdf renditions, images, drawings, video, web pages, etc. EDM systems allow authorized users to check-in, check-out, share and combine files from a common, secure repository. EDM systems also govern procedures for document creation, edit, print, and manage document relationships, states, workflows and lifecycles.

Enterprise Content Management:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and Electronic Document Management systems are one in the same. The ECM term is used by some to differentiate commercial, off-the-shelf platforms targeted at large scale deployments and the management of high volumes of information.

Product Lifecycle Management:

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are an application of Electronic Document Management that utilize a product’s structure as the model for how information is related, controlled and searched for in the system. The ability to manage product information and configuration in any state of its lifecycle, from ideation, design, development, production and retirement, is a key feature of the application.