Petrochemical and Process Industries

Petroleum refineries, pipelines and chemical plants are a major focus for our consulting practice. Gateway has been frequently engaged to develop information management strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes in these highly regulated environments. Gateway’s team of information technology professionals are highly qualified to implement a wide range of business collaboration solutions in this industrial sector.

Gateway has extensive experience in all aspects of drawing capture, rendition processing and data migration into Electronic Document Management platforms. We excel in all aspects of information and business modeling required to navigate the relationships between a facility’s assets and the supporting technical content.

Management of Change (MOC) is the key business process to examine in order to improve process safety, environmental protection and reliability. Gateway has leveraged a leading electronic document management platforms to optimize MOC processes and reduce plant operating costs. Gateway leads the field in establishing and implementing MOC Best Practices. Gateway’s President and Senior Principal Consultant, Dr. Rainer Hoff has researched  the subject of Management of Change extensively and offers subscribers free access to the MOC Best Practices Newsletter.

Capital Projects are crucial for maintaining and expanding plant productivity. There are substantial benefits to be gained by leveraging Electronic Document Management technology through all phases of a capital project. Gateway has extensive expertise in the development of  solutions that facilitate data exchange between contractor and the plant owner-operator.  We also provide lifecycle solutions to transition the construction and as-built data to production.

Regulatory compliance in the petrochemical industry is of paramount importance. The need to manage some records for the life of the plant plus thirty years puts special information management demands on this sector. Also the need to manage corporate content in support of contractual negotiations or litigation is a major driver for implementing electronic document management technology. Gateway has extensive experience in designing and implementing regulatory compliance solutions for petrochem and process industries.