Operating Procedures

The FACILEX® Procedures (PR) solution provides a framework for the creation/update and execution of procedures. This fundamental process can be deployed as a standalone application or a lifecycle enhancement to an existing FACILEX® application such as MOC, Corrective Action, Audit, etc.

When an incident occurs, the root cause can often be linked to some deficiency in a procedure, or perhaps not following the procedure.   Gateway has applied its expertise to configure SharePoint for managing the execution of procedures.   All of the tasks needed for conducting a procedure are generated, assigned and tracked throughout its lifecycle. SharePoint’s best in class document management platform enables secure, enterprise-wide access to the documents, records and data, electronically linked to the procedure.

FACILEX® PR is a powerful yet easy-to-use application.

  • Procedure in electronic form, managed in SharePoint
  • Your choice of devices: PC, tablet, mobile IOS or Android
  • Thorough tracking of reviewer comments and markups
  • Supports multiple participants completing tasks in the process
  • Management of deviations
  • Auto numbering: Procedures are automatically numbered, in almost any format, starting at any number the customer specifies
  • Each Procedure has its own folder structure to store supporting documentation and work‑in‑process documentation
  • Any folder can contain any number of standard templates or forms
  • Standard Reports: the baseline configuration comes with the several standard reports, each sorted and filtered by an organization’s preferred views.