Requirements Analysis

An electronic document management initiative is usually launched to satisfy a wide range of requirements. In order to ensure the goals for the EDM project are achieved, the requirements should be written down.

A Requirements Analysis is undertaken to define “what” is needed in order to improve business processes and achieve the organization’s vision for productivity and growth. The process of documenting requirements is invaluable because it enables a project team to establish a common understanding of the unique business process and content management needs for their organization.

Requirements describe typical use case scenarios, process workflows and communicate areas of focus for improvement. Documented requirements are essential for an FDA regulated EDM solution. A requirements document helps an organization to communicate their unique goals to vendors.

Gateway assigns highly qualified consultants to lead the interview and data collection activities that take place at the client’s site.  This activity requires an extensive background in the core business processes that are conducted by the client and a deep understanding of the document and data management issues that would be typically encountered.

Gateway would carry out the system modeling activities appropriate for the project with an emphasis on simplicity and readability.  The models may include mock-ups, screen shots, diagrams, etc., that provide the key stakeholders with an understanding of the functions and features that will be included in the new application and the ability to provide their input early on in the project.

Gateway’s Requirements Analysis report would take a position on the topics of system performance, boundaries, grouping, prioritization, complexity and risk.  It would also include an executive summary, observations, conclusions and recommendations.  Gateway would assist as required to present the information to the client’s project review or steering committee.

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