Risk-Based Process Safety

A “Complete Solution” for process safety management, as defined by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) “Guidelines for Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS)” is illustrated below.

The RBPS management system incorporates four main accident prevention foundation blocks that support the twenty pillars or elements that constitute a sturdy RBPS Management System.

The CCPS Guidelines take the position that all hazards and risks in an operation or facility are not equal. A risk-based approach focuses resources on the higher-risk activities.

Risk-Based Process Safety Management System Foundation and Pillars

FACILEX® Risk-Based Process Safety Suite

FACILEX® is a suite of advanced Microsoft 365 applications designed by Gateway to implement all of the foundation blocks and pillars required for a complete RBPS management system.

Each of the “Pillars” of process safety, such as Management of Change, Incident Investigation, Action Item Management, and so on, can be addressed using one or more FACILEX® applications which are seamlessly integrated.


These user friendly applications promote the adoption and enforcement of policies & procedures, thereby enhancing safety, performance and regulatory compliance. Data across all the applications can be aggregated and reported.