Standards & Practices

Gateway has applied its expertise to configure SharePoint for Practice Development. Gateway can rapidly configure an organization’s procedure and incorporate any process checklists, documents and forms.  All of the tasks necessary to conduct a thorough process are generated, assigned and tracked throughout the lifecycle. SharePoint’s best in class document management platform enables secure, enterprise-wide access to the documents, records and data, thereby enhancing corporate knowledge and safety.

Typical Standards Lifecycle:

The FACILEX® Practice Development is a powerful yet easy-to-use application.

  • Lifecycle Support
      • The best practice is to use a lifecycle model (not workflow).
      • Practice Development lifecycle can be configured to specification,
      • Branding and colors can be configured to specification
  • Powerful, Flexible Initiation Process
      • Practice Development electronic form in SharePoint
      • Your choice of additional attributes: text, numeric, date, boolean
      • Thorough tracking of reviewer comments and markups
      • Auto numbering configured to client specification
      • Each Practice has a folder structure for managing supporting documentation
      • Any folder can contain any number of standard templates or forms
  • Standard Reports
      • The baseline configuration comes with the several standard reports, each sorted and filtered by an organization’s preferred views.