An asset-based approach to documents and data will handle much of your information, but some information is still best associated with departments, because it is work-in-progress, or is restricted access, or is only produced and consumed within that department. Such information is still valuable in your facility information system, because then it is accessible with the same search mechanisms and is protected by the system’s redundancy and backup mechanisms.  A Departments project assists you with capturing a single department’s information.  The deliverable is a departmental configuration and an initial load of one department’s data in a packaged SharePoint configuration that can be deployed to your on-premise SharePoint farm.

Key functionality included:

    • List configuration for key departmental data elements—views, settings, LVT, versioning, content types
    • Library configuration for departmental documents—views, settings, LVT, versioning, content types
    • Groups, permissions levels
    • Initial load of departmental documents and data elements