Procedures Library

Observance of released procedures is the main driver of quality and safety at your facility. Your information system must provide quick access to current released procedures, as well as the ability to draft new versions and control their visibility until they are approved. Procedures for a given unit or area should be organized by means of a table of contents that allows easy navigation to the desired procedure. The Procedures Library delivers a configuration suitable for procedure access and management, as well as a load of your existing procedures, in a packaged SharePoint configuration that can be deployed to your on-premise SharePoint farm.

Key functionality included:

  • Procedure library configuration—views, settings, LVT, versioning, content types
  • Folders for update control
  • Management of natives/renditions
  • Groups, permissions levels
  • Procedure properties and property validation, where appropriate
  • Links to shared procedures
  • Wiki table of contents for sets of procedures
  • File update, batch download
  • Initial load of procedures