Work Orders

A facility’s work orders drive daily operations and maintenance. It is important that staff be able to rapidly consult and review open and pending work orders, so they can plan their activities and be aware of safety issues.  Because work orders are frequently managed in an ERP system or other tool that is not integrated with your main facility information system, obtaining work order information is sometimes difficult.  A Work Orders project delivers replicated work order data from your ERP system, consolidating it with other asset-based data elements, and making it available for easy navigation and searching. The accelerator provides configuration and an initial load of your existing work orders in a packaged SharePoint configuration that can be deployed to your on-premise SharePoint farm.

Key functionality included:

    • Work order list configuration—views, settings, LVT, versioning, content types
    • Groups, permissions levels
    • Views of latest open work orders on a per-complex basis
    • Initial load of work orders from ERP system
    • External job for regularly updating your replicated SharePoint work orders