System Design

During System Design the work to determine “how” to satisfy the requirements takes place. Gateway can rapidly model the electronic document management solution in sufficient detail to allow a project team to understand how their requirements will be met.

The design may be expressed in words and diagrams as a specification, or may be accomplished with screen shots, mockups or prototypes. At the conclusion of the system design the major building blocks for the solution are defined:

  • Information representation: object types, indexing, grouping
  • Business process representation: e.g., dashboards, lifecycles, workflows, reports,  etc.
  • Core functions: e.g. search, check in/out, revision control, security, etc.
  • Application specific functions: e.g. forms for data entry, integrations, e-signature, etc.
  • System architecture: e.g. servers, desktop tools, vaulting, network

Next Steps: