Training Records

Organizations have a constant requirement to conduct and track training. The FACILEX® Training Records application provides the capabilities to:

  • Manage the training materials
  • Manage records associated with training assignment, review and completion
  • Ensure that the follow-up items are resolved.

Typical Training Lifecycle:

Key functionality includes:

  • Providing a place to store “master” training materials or templates, that are not otherwise managed in a computer-based training environment
  • Associating training with the proper time frame: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. as well as ad hoc training
  • Creation of training plans, and tracking progress to completion
  • Representing training materials using technology appropriate to the task: Word® or Excel® checklists, or FACILEX® “Related Items ”
  • Being able to create or capture follow-up action items and track these items to completion
  • Making all the training data available for specific and aggregated reporting