Audit Management

Audit Management

Facilities typically monitor process efficiency and regulatory compliance  through the use of audits.  Audits are conducted across a broad range of business interests that might include: environment, governance, information systems, personnel safety, process safety, quality and security just to name a few.

Gateway has developed a user-friendly Audit Management solution on the Microsoft 365 platform that’s capable of initiating and managing audit procedures, requirements and protocols.

Audit Management

A key feature of the FACILEX® Audit solution is the representation of the business process using a lifecycle. The baseline configuration provides lifecycles for standard audit catagories.  Additional lifecycle are easily accommodated.

The FACILEX® Audit solution provides a powerful and intuitive initiation process that manages the collection of the common and site-specific attributes.

Key functionality includes

  • Providing a place to store all the “master” audit protocols or templates
  • Associating audits with the proper schedule requirements
  • Representing audit protocols using tools appropriate for the task: forms, checklists, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Ability to create or capture follow-up action items and track these items to completion
  • Making all the data available for specific and aggregate reporting

The FACILEX® Audit solution automatically generates all the standard action items for the audit lifecycle selected and notifies individuals and groups of their assignments by email and on the FACILEX® Participants Portal. Additional action items can be added or open action items can be edited or deleted by any authorized user. Risk ranking tools are provided to help prioritize any finding or issue.

FACILEX® uses SharePoint for all aspects of electronic document management including: access, version and revision control. Each audit has a comprehensive folder structure to store supporting documentation and work-in-progress documentation.

The baseline configuration comes with several standard reports and custom reports are easily configured. Audit reports can be rapidly printed or exported to graphical reporting tools such as Power BI, Excel and third party products such as a Tableau.

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